Engine rebuild progress update – September 2021

Massey Shaw engine repairs underway

Engine rebuild progress update – September 2021

After our hugely successful Family Open Day at the Docks event, we wanted to provide an update on the engine rebuild from Colin and the team.

If you’re new to Massey Shaw or are unaware of the rebuild project, view the blog links at the end of the article.

Covid-19 delays

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the engine rebuild has been severely delayed. We have been back now some 3-4 months but a lot of time has been spent on routine maintenance of not only the boat itself but also the port engine.

We had trouble starting the port engine which we found out was due to a defective air starter. After removing the starter and stripping it down we found a major fault with the motor’s crankshaft.

Spare parts

Using parts from one of the spare engines we had, parts from the starboard engine and some of parts from the port engine’s starter, we have managed to get the port engine started, although throughout the lock down with no maintenance we have found the need to give it a good overhaul and now it need several issues looking at particularly with fuel system.

We needed the port engine to operate so that we could demonstrate the pumping capacity of the boat not only for a recent open day but also for demonstrations to numerous visitors we are receiving.

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We have also been able to recruit 2 more volunteers who have a marine engineering background to assist in our rebuild. Our plan is to start preparing the crankshaft of the starboard engine so that the main bearing can be re-metalled with white metal and ground to suit the crankshaft, which will then enable us to start re-assembling the engine. Whilst this re-assembly is being carried out the big end bearings will be sent away for the same treatment as the main bearings.


The progress of the rebuild is very much dependent on funds to enable this work to progress.

If you’re reading this and would like to contribute funds towards the engine rebuild or have knowledge/experience of engines then please get in touch via the links below or email info@masseyshaw.org

Donations welcome!

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