Crewing - Massey Shaw Education Trust
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Volunteer as a Crew Member

We like to keep Massey Shaw in the public eye – this is what the boat is about, and it helps with fundraising, maintains our profile and lets today’s Londoners see a part of their history still active on the river. But this requires people – not only the dedicated skipper and engineers but the deck crew as well. We welcome volunteers of all ages to help with crewing the boat. Don’t worry about your experience (or lack of!) in crewing a boat, we provide full training and you’ll be working alongside people with lots of experience and skills to pass on.


There’s jobs aplenty before we set off. We need to get all the kit we’ll need (lifejackets, fenders, ropes and lines etc) up on the deck before we leave, Attend the crew briefing from the skipper. Then out through West India Lock, which means manoeuvring the boat away from its mooring and then entering the lock. Rope handling skills are needed in both leaving the berth and tying up in the lock. Then its out on to the river and all the tasks for the cruise and arrival, where again, its rope handling skills, fenders, knots etc which are needed.
You could also be helping with the demonstration of our pumping and firefighting capabilities using the main monitor, hoses etc. And when you’re pumping up to 3000 gallons of water a minute, that’s a big task. You’ll soon learn the difference between a ground monitor and a radial branch, and how and when they would be used. And then there’s making tea, looking after passengers (making sure they are properly briefed, wearing their lifejackets and generally enjoying their day out).
Why do we do it? Because we believe we are making a positive contribution to the maintenance and operation of a great national and London asset. We enjoy giving people the opportunity to visit, and cruise on, a boat which has history and interest wherever you look. We enjoy showing off the firefighting capabilities, and demonstrating the kind of effort which meant Massey became the boat that saved St Paul’s. And, finally, because its fun!


In order for the cruising and demonstrations to happen, there’s a lot of maintenance that needs doing behind the scenes. Deck crew assist with maintaining the on-deck firefighting equipment, the wheelhouse and do the inevitable cleaning, painting, varnishing and polishing that goes with running a boat. It might sound like work, but working with our team of dedicated volunteers you ‘ll find it interesting and enjoyable and you’ll be making a real contribution.
Let us know if you’d like to call in and see us on one of our regular maintenance sessions on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays.

Job Description

We do have a formal job description for this role, click on the link below.

Job Description