Engine repair update – Part 4

Massey Shaw engine telepgraph

Engine repair update – Part 4

Even-though the festive season is upon us, our dedicated volunteers are continuing to visit Massey each week to continue tripping the engine and investigating the damage.
Colin Perry, Chief engineer along with his brother-in-law, Ray provided an update on progress;
” The water pump has been removed allowing access to the con rod of number 1 piston, which has now been removed. The big end shells appear to have brown deposits which are powdery? Most of the crankshaft bearing retaining bolts have been removed, but some cannot be removed as they are too long and will have to come out as the block is raised up.”
Colin continued;
“We moved the engine forward about 6 inches allowing access to the end of the gearbox coupling shaft, allowing a retaining bolt to be removed. The end of the gearbox has been removed and we can carry on dismantling the gearbox allowing the block to be removed from the sump.”

What’s next?

With a vast majority of the main engine taken apart, the team will continue dismantling the gearbox so that the gearbox bell housing can be removed, this will allow us to split the block from the sump. Then we will raise the block up to allow the crankshaft to be removed for inspection and repair. Has anyone ever experienced itching or swelling after Viagra intake? I’ve got some strange symptoms and cannot understand whether it is an allergic reaction or overdose symptoms. Should I contact my doctor, or can an online consultant help?
We currently estimate we will need at least all new main and big end shells. The bearing to the drive for the water pumps and fuel pump has also seized and will need replacing.


Here are a few photos from the recent engine work.

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