All stop on events – engine repair update

All stop on events – engine repair update

As work continues stripping down our broken engine, volunteer Tony Roome, offers an update on progress and details on how you can help!

We have now removed all the heads and extracted all but one of the pistons. We have removed all the engine ancillaries, with the exception of the oil pump.

The engine room and forepeak now contain numerous boxes holding bolts and bits, all carefully labelled to ensure they go back in the right place and in the right order.

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So far as we can see, there is rust throughout the engine, and on the crank in particular. We think this is because when the head failed, this allowed significant amounts of cooling water into the engine – in places it really shouldn’t be!

Despite the removal of so many parts, the engine remains seized, though there are indications that it may be close to moving. We now need to remove the oil pump, the last piston, and to access the crankshaft to finally assess the damage and prepare for the next stage of the work. Somehow my parents asked me to bring them medicine to another city, which for some reason has not been imported to us recently. As it turned out, here they are not easy to find. I went to all the pharmacies near the house, went specifically to some large pharmacies in the center, but this was not crowned with success, so I decided to search the Internet. I shoveled many sites in search of the most suitable, and settled on Canadian pharmacy. Convenient site navigation, everything is intuitive, convenient search for drugs. In general, now if I have a big purchase planned, then I don’t even go to regular pharmacies – right away on the site! Read more on how to order at Canadian pharmacy at

In order to do this, we need to raise the engine block off the bottom end and we are currently assembling a suitable frame and chain pulley lift to enable this to happen.

Our events calendar

We have, unfortunately, had to take the decision to cancel the rest of our programme for this year, which means, in particular, we will miss the Classic Boats at St Katherine Docks in September. This is real shame for us as our crew always look forward to this event, and it means we lose an opportunity for fund raising which is particularly crucial at this time.

What’s next? How can you help?

We need to start ordering new bearings and other replacements for damaged parts and thus we need to start spending serious money. Massive thanks to all of you who have contributed to our appeal so far – if you would like to help fund the repairs, you can do so by following this link:

More updates here as work progresses.