Engine repair update – Part 5

Massey Shaw engine telepgraph

Engine repair update – Part 5

With a Christmas festivities now finished Massey’s volunteers have started to get things prepared for the New Year.
Work on getting the starboard engine back and running  is the priority, but we still have to make sure our other engines are working. With this in mind our team commenced with warming up and checking the main port and auxiliary engine.
The Russell Newbury Auxiliary Engine started and ran without concern, but the port engine was very sluggish. After several head scratching moments it became clear that one of the valves was not decompressing as it should.
Further investigation found the problem and a solution devised. A shim was needed to bring the valve in line with its counterparts, a job for Colin in his new mancave.
The session was completed with a final cleaning of the bilges for good measure.


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