Massey Shaw Education Trust | Accessibility On The Boat
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Accessibility On The Boat

Massey Shaw was built as a Fireboat in 1935 and she retains the majority of her unique features which can be hazardous. Please read the following information or contact us in advance before your booking if you have any questions.

Due to the age of Massey, accessibility was not something at the forefront of the boat builders minds which has left us with challenges to providing full access to all visitors.

Access considerations – Getting to the boat

If you are travelling by car there is limited parking available within the dock itself, please ask about this when booking if you have a large group. Using public transport will require walking via a range of terrain including uneven and cobbled paths depending on the route taken.

Access to the boat itself does require using steps and gangways to get on to the boat itself. We are working on additional resources to allow access to the vessel via video and images to aid those who may not be able to get in to the boat itself.

Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access on the vessel.

Access considerations – Whilst on board

Hazards, such as slipping, tripping or falling on stairs are inherent in all environments on the vessel. Particular hazards will be highlighted by the tour guides and visitors are expected to look after their own safety whilst on board. Decks can be slippery when wet. Sensible footwear and outdoor clothing should be worn during the visit.

Visitors must make tour guides aware of any conditions such as blindness or partial sight and comply with notices prohibiting access to certain areas dependant on the tour being undertaken.

There is limited space in certain areas of the vessel so visitors are requested to listen to the instructions of the guide, before entering certain compartments.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you have further questions on accessibility.