Engine repair update – part 3

Front of engine with timing chain removed.

Engine repair update – part 3

Our volunteers have carried on stripping down the engine to continue investigations into the damage. Here are some updates from the past month (Oct 2018).

October engine updates

  • The starboard engine strip down continues this month. The front cover has been removed from the engine allowing access to the timing chain and timing gear.
  • The engine has now been timed so that it can be restarted in the correct firing order, and the timing marks have been highlighted.
  • The oil pump has been removed from the front of the engine and appears to be in good order. However, after much deliberation by our engineers it appears that the overheating problem is down to lack of oil flow.

What’s next?

David Rogers provided an overview of the next steps for the engine repair;

“With most of the front of the engine now removed , the next project is to remove the gearbox from the other end of the block so that access can be made to crank. We do not have any information on how this should be undertaken, so it’s a case of slowly removing the bolts and seeing what appears. Patience is the key as all the parts on the engine are heavy and require a clear plan before they are removed.”

The time frame for this work is flexible as we have a number of unknowns to deal with. If all goes according to plan we hope to have the block lifted off and the crank inspected by late December.

Further inspection of the block should highlight any blockages in the oil supply system and confirm what work needs to be completed before rebuilding can start.

How to get involved

If you would like to get more involved, or have knowledge in this field, please get in touch! Email info@masseyshaw.org or you can donate via our dedicated engine fund page here:


Engine repair updates