Massey Shaw Education Trust | Learning Zone
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Learning Zone

Our learning zone has information about our archives, free resources for teachers and parents, plus insights to the vast history of Massey Shaw!


We’re constantly creating new content detailing the history and stories of Massey Shaw and it’s important place in the history of London, saving numerous lives during its service.

Check out the links and videos for more information or visit our YouTube channel for restoration videos, Salvage Squad and more!

Crew space stories

Sir Eyre Massey Shaw

Sir Eyre Massey Shaw

Get the facts about our namesake Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, his family, work life and Royal connections!


Dunkirk Timeline

Explore the timeline of Massey's Dunkirk heroic evacuation of troops during WWII

Fireboat Firebrace at Lambeth pier London

London Fireboat Timeline

View our timeline of fireboats serving London from the early 1990's to the present day.


We have collated numerous resources to help teachers, parents and visitors have fun learning about the history of the London Fire Brigade, WWII, firefloats and many other topics.

View our list of resources available to download for FREE, simply print and enjoy!

Donations appreciated!

We spend a lot of time pulling together these resources and would really appreciate a donation towards our education projects.  A recommended donation of £3 or more would be greatly received (and put to good use!) via our donate page.

Free resource downloads

Fun stuff


Resources and archiving

A central part of our work is education and we are passionate about sharing the stories about Massey Shaw.

We have an extensive archive detailing the working life of Massey Shaw in the London Fire Brigade, fire floats, WWII and much more to share with all ages.

Use this page to explore our educational resources for schools, mainly focussed around Key Stage 2 and how you can help with archiving and other educational aspects of the charity.

Join our archiving team

If you would like to join our archiving team and delve deeper into the history of Massey Shaw, please visit our contact page and we will get back in touch with further details.

Research our archives

Our physical archives contain hundreds of documents, photos and physical pieces of fire fighting equipment, uniforms, helmets and many other artifacts that have been donated to us and acquired.

Digitising our archives

A key task we are working towards is the digitisation of our archive materials, especially photos and documents so that we can provide easy access to all for research and further reading about Massey Shaws unique past.

Currently we are unable to offer full access to our archives.

Family history

Do you have a relative that mentions Massey Shaw or a London Fireboat in his/her stories from when they were younger? Perhaps your relative was evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk by the Little Ships?

We regularly receive contact from family members who have stories from relatives about Massey Shaw and we love to hear them! This is another reason why the digital archive will play a vital part in our future plans to allow family members to search for relatives and delve into their past.