Restoration Timeline - Massey Shaw Education Trust
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Restoration Timeline


The restoration of Massey Shaw commenced in October 2008 after the Heritage Lottery Fund had confirmed our grant application. Permission to start the project was given in November 2008 with Massey being brought back to London on 13th December 2013.

2009 – 2010


January – Restoration commences

February/March – Protective covers built to enable restoration to commence in all weather conditions at South Dock Marina, Southwark.

April – Volunteers assist with removal of deck fittings and other items for storage

May – Engines dismantled under the instruction of Society engineer.


January – Decking removed throughout the vessel and catalogued ready to be reused where possible

July – Starboard engine removed

October – Appointment of Technical Project Manager (Chris Jones)

2011 – 2012


February – Steel plating at stern and portside removed. New plates cut ready for riveting.

March – New tendering agreement confirmed with T.Nielsons in Gloucester. Massey transported to Gloucester dock via low loader.

April – Work commences on riveting and replacement of hull plates.

July – Internal fitting removed for restoration and to allow access for riveting.


January – Massey is moved out of main work shed to allow better access

February – Engines removed from Massey to be sent to Gardner Marine, Canterbury to be rebuilt and tested.

July – Painting of the hull after completion of steel work on the hull.

October – Decking completed and corked ready for deck fitting to be installed

November – Volunteer training continues to prepare for the return of the boat.

2013 – 2014


January – Restoration still underway in Gloucester Docks.

February/March – Deck appliances start being replaced and fittings restored to original locations.

April – Massey back in the water for the first time during restoration in Gloucester.

May – Massey takes part in the Tall Ships event and features on BBC Radio Gloucester.

June – Further restoration work undertaken to prepare Massey for trials and return journey to London.

Nov – Massey is prepared for its journey back to London via low loader.


January – Massey Shaw attends the London Boat Show at the Excel Centre as part of the historic ships display.

February – Volunteer maintenance and training programs begin to prepare for up coming events.

March – Program of tours and public open days commence

July – Volunteers attend Community event at the Westminster Boating Base to raise profile of the project.