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The Trust has built up a number of Partnerships with various organisations since its creation in 1982. Some have been formed with other fire related groups, whilst other have evolved from the Trust’s work with young people and communities around London.

In recent times the Trust has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the London Fire Cadets who form part of the National Fire Cadet Charity. The trust has been working closely with the Fire Cadets and the London Fire Brigade to enrich the education of the young people about the heritage of the River Service and provide opportunities for them to engage with our vessel.

In 2018, the Trust and the Fire Cadets are launching a Marine Cadet Unit, based at the LFB Fireboat Pontoon in Lambeth. This will provide new opportunities for the young people to learn new water based skills and work with our vessel Massey Shaw.

The Trust is grateful to the Worshipful Company of Firefighters Charitable Trust for its continued support of our Education Activities with young people .We continue to develop new ways to celebrate our heritage in the modern world.

In addition, the Trust is a member of a number of national organisations involved with Firefighting and Historic Vessels. These include, the National Historic Ships UK, a government funded independent organisation which advises UK Government and local authorities on matters relating to historic vessels in UK. The Fire Heritage Network UK- an association of the Fire Museums in the Uk and Eire, which supports Fire Museums and member organisations with advice and support , acting as a bridge , linking members of the public and enthusiasts by providing a unified voice.

The Trust is currently working to become accredited as an Independent Museum, which would make the vessel the first floating museum on the Thames.

Massey Shaw is an active member of The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships, and participates in events on the Thames and other locations on the South Coast each year. The ADLS commemorates the activities of the “Little Ships” in Operation Dynamo and every five years since 1965, the boats have returned to the beaches. The next trip is planned for May 2020, and we look forward to joining them with Massey Shaw.

Partnerships with Massey Shaw

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