Webinar: What did the National Fire Service (NFS) do for us? - Massey Shaw Education Trust
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Webinar: What did the National Fire Service (NFS) do for us?

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On the 75th Anniversary of the disbandment of the National Fire Service (NFS) we look back at the importance of the NFS and how it has affected todays brigade. All proceeds will go towards maintenance, archiving and eduction projects by the Trust.

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In 1948 the National Fire Service (NFS) was disbanded. This is the 75th Anniversary and in this webinar we will detail the importance of the NFS and how it shape the modern day fire service in the UK.

We will be holding an online webinar detailing the following:

  • What is the NFS and why was it created after the Blitz?
  • How did the NFS affect the modern day Brigade?
  • What changes came in after the formation of the NFS?
  • Why was the NFS disbanded and handed back to the local authorities in 1948?

Once you have completed your payment you will be presented with the YouTube link and you will also get an email with the details in it.

IMPORTANT: We ask that you do not share the YouTube link externally as this will limit the funding we receive from sharing the webinar. 

If you do not receive this information please email info@masseyshaw.org

All funds received from the webinar will go towards the engine rebuild, archiving and education projects undertaken by the charity.

Plus, we are producing a video detailing some more specific information on the NFS, so follow us on socials!