School Visits

School Visits

Massey Shaw is a 1930’s Fireboat commissioned for use on the River Thames. During her 36 years of active service, she rescued troops the Dunkirk Evacuation, fought fires in the Blitz and attended many other incidents on the river.

During your visit we offer a unique experience for children to understand how a fireboat works, dress up in firefighting uniforms, and learn how the firemen in WWll fought the Blitz.

In addition, our volunteer guides will tell the story of Massey Shaw’s 80 plus years on the River Thames comparing and contrasting with today’s modern firefighting techniques.

Booking is by appointment only. Teachers are invited to carry out a preliminary visit to the vessel in advance to carry out their own risk assessment.

Children need to be supervised at all times. One adult per 10 children.

 Learning Session for Key Stage 2

An overview of the key areas our learning sessions cover. We have a range of resources which teachers/facilitators can use in the classroom and on board.

History – London in the Blitz, firefighting through the years, the Homefront, local links with your area of London.

English/Literature – Poetry, newspaper reports, diary entries.

Compare and contrast – wartime firefighting and todays London Fire Brigade

Science – Insulators, water safety, engineering, pumps and suction, water pressure, water technology.

Geography – Impact of war on local areas, road names etc.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Communication, semaphore, Morse code.

Art – Photography and artwork from the period.

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