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Massey Shaw is a 1930’s Fireboat built for the River Thames by the London County Council. During her 36 year career, she fought fires on the Thames though out the Blitz, took part in saving troops off the beaches at Dunkirk and helped with the formation of the National Health Service.

Our tours offer an opportunity to engage with living history. Visitors are able to see how a fireboat works, view the firefighting equipment and hear the stories of the crew as they undertake their daily duties.

If your group has a specific interest i.e. The Blitz /Dunkirk or firefighting, please let us know so we can provide addition information to enhance your visit.

We also offer special “Engineering Days” in which offer opportunities to see how the engines and pumps operate. See the website for further details.

Maximum group size 20 people- Large Groups will be divided into smaller parties for the tours.

Group Leaders are invited to carry out a preliminary visit to the vessel, in advance to conduct their own risk assessment. Responsibility for groups remains with the leaders of parties whilst on board.

Booking is by appointment only

We normally open on a Wednesday and some Saturdays from March until November. Open times from 11am until 3pm. If you would like to visit at another time, please contact us on:

or use our contact form: