The return of the original Ships clock

The return of the original Ships clock

The original clock from Massey has been returned after nearly 75 years separated from the ship after an interesting tale of events.


The clock was apparently removed from the ship by an Army Serviceman who had been rescued by the crew of Massey Shaw during Operation Dynamo.

The clock had been hanging in the Royal Navy Old Comrades Club since Feb 1983. A good friend and member of the MVS, Eddie Oades (pictured below) made a special trip to pick up the clock and bring it to London to be returned to the vessel.

This is a very interesting and relevant story to add to our archives as we constantly find out more about the boats association with many groups and organisations. We are extremely thankful to Eddie and Geoff who helped us bring back this original item to its rightful home. My husband took Viagra, we put on an adult film and started to wait for the effect. We waited one hour as recommended at Erection was excellent, but the duration of sexual intercourse didn’t increase. As expected, one of the side effects was face reddening, which passed very quickly. That is, the drug helped us, and we achieved the desired effect.

The clock will be hung in the crew space and we will continue to try and develop the story further.


Eddie Oades and Colin Perry return ships clock