Crew Space Stories launched on board Massey Shaw fireboat

Crew Space Stories launched on board Massey Shaw fireboat

As lockdown continues to hinder our ability to have visitors on board, our volunteers have decided to launch a selection of videos exploring the vast history of Massey Shaw.

The first in our ‘Crew Space Stories’ series has David Rogers detailing the history behind the various Dunkirk plaques we have on board and requests that any family members or relatives of the Dunkirk crew come forward to share their stories with us.

Our archiving team are always seeking new information about each of the crew members so that we can keep this information in our archive and share those stories with future generations.

Massey Shaw Dunkirk crew members list

Below is the full list of crew who took Massey Shaw across to Dunkirk and helped save hundreds of soldiers from the beaches over 3 days.  Please contact us if you have any stories or information about the crew members below.

  • H. Youngman
  • A.J May
  • S. Inge
  • W.J.C Brown
  • W.J.R Gilliland
  • G.C Wilson
  • J.D Gibbs
  • H.A.W Ray
  • N.P Morris
  • G.A Briancourt
  • A.E Beaumont
  • D.R.D Gale
  • F. Lowe
  • R.J.W Helyer
  • F.G Codd
  • G.S McGregor
  • E.G Wright
  • R. Haybrook

Crew Space Stories -Episode 1 - Dunkirk Plaques