A Baptism, on a fireboat?

Massey Shaw Ships Bell

A Baptism, on a fireboat?

Yes, that’s right! You read the title correctly! You can have a Baptism on a fireboat!

Since 1987 we have had over 20 Baptisms on board Massey. The tradition was revived after the crew of Massey Shaw met a lady whose father had been the coxswain of the vessel in the 1950’s on the way back from a trip to Oxford. She had been baptised on Massey and asked if they still carried out the ceremony!

The Ships Bell is inverted as in the pictures and the Baptismal water is poured into the Bell and then used during the ceremony. The names of the baptised children are recorded in the local parish church records.

Members of the fireboat crew had their children baptised on their boat over many years and we still keep up this tradition today.


If you would like to enquire about a Baptism on board Massey Shaw, please contact us.