Massey Shaw visits Medway in Flames 2017

Massey Shaw visits Medway in Flames 2017

The vintage fireboat Massey Shaw has returned to London after a first ever visit to the Medway, for the Medway in Flames event – which commemorated the 350th anniversary of the Dutch invasion of the Medway.

Massey left her home base in West India Dock on Friday, arriving at The Chatham Maritime marina, where she overnighted. On Saturday the crew welcomed around 100 visitors aboard including curious families, and interested adults – including one whose father had been a member of the crew when Massey was an operational fireboat.

Several people told us that they had recognised Massey instantly, having read a feature article about her in July’s Practical Boat Owner.


In the evening, Massey participated in the Parade of Boats, with 30 or so vintage and modern boats sounding whistles and, in Massey’s cases, throwing an impressive plume of water well over 100 feet in the air from the main monitor. The Parade route took the boats from Rochester Bridge to the Medway Yacht Club, passing the crowds in the Historical Dockyard and along the Chatham river wall. The crowd watched two giant TV screens as part of the display and were then treated to an impressive firework display as evening fell. Nervous work, my wife nagging me, irritability, nervousness… As a consequence, I have a bad sleep. I had to go to the clinic, where the doctor prescribed me Ambien. On the first night after taking the pill, I was out like a light. After completing the course of 10 days, sleeping problems disappeared! The treatment resulted very cheap; I couldn’t even imagine that it was possible in our time. I was worried that the drug would be addictive, but strangely enough, there was nothing like that (which is very important for me)! I recommend it to everybody, as the drug is very good- I tested it on myself. And if somebody tells you that’s not true, throw them out!

The boat stayed at Rochester Pier overnight before returning to base on Sunday. A busy weekend in the over 30 degree temperatures.


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