Fire-floats and Fireboats on sale now by David C. Pike

Fire-floats and Fireboats on sale now by David C. Pike

Massey Shaw has a vast heritage on the River Thames but she wasn’t the first fireboat or fire-float on the River.


Collating various references, facts and archive material, David is a keen supporter of Massey Shaw has written a book entitled Fire-floats and Fireboats, A History of London’s Firefighting boats. We asked him why he decided to write about this unique topic:

“Generations of river firefighters have waited for their story to be told, now it has and I hope the wider public will see what an important contribution to the history of the London Fire Brigade they have all made. There has never been a comprehensive story told of London’s ‘fireboats’. I did a chapter about them in the last book, ‘London’s Firefighter’s’, which left me wanting to know more. Contact with the current owners of Beta III, the Firebrace and the Fire Hawk helped, plus many family members, whose fathers had served on the boats, offered useful insights that have not been made public before.”

The profits from the sale of the book are kindly being donated to the Charity to help maintain and promote our projects. Dave continued:

“The Massey remains such an iconic boat. It’s place in fire service history is secure and I could not think of a finer cause or charity to donate the profits too.”


If you would like to purchase a copy of the book then please visit the following links to Amazon where you can buy a physical copy or Kindle e-book version.